Kaijansaari cottages

Kaijansaari Holiday Cottages is located as the name implies in Kaijansaari, on the shores of Onkivesi,
about 27 km south of the Gulf of Lapland and about 50 km north of Kuopio.


Antti and Lauri

Kaijansaari's beautiful rural landscapes offer good opportunities for various sports. In summer, the terrain in the surrounding area is ideal for hiking and cycling, as well as lake boating. For winter skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Rich in fish Onkivesi offers plenty of opportunities for many types of fishing, both in summer and winter.

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"Antti" and "Lauri"

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Cottages are build in 2000 and enlarged 2005. The cottages are for the whole year use. There are beds for 6+2 persons and a bed balcony 2-4 persons. Both cottages includes own beach and an indoor sauna and a private beach with a rowing boat for the tenant to use. Cottages are 45 meters from each other.

There is protective wood between the cottages. The beaches are shallow and hard bottomed, making them ideal for children. There is a campfire on each beach.


Equipment includes:

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